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A limited series of only 20 residences, La Storia, is a thoughtful, considered residential building designed to pay homage to both Carlton and Italy. A commitment to the idea that the future is nothing without the past, that one’s history is a story to be told, to be embraced and shared, connecting us to the future so the next generation can write and tell their own story.


Located at the corner of Cardigan and Pelham Street, La Storia finds its home on the park lined streets of Carlton. Inspired by the rich history of its surroundings and it’s famous immigrant culture, La Storia has been designed to age gracefully and to leave its mark on an area that has provided so much to the culture of Melbourne.
Find out more about these unique three-bedroom homes, where each has prioritised natural light and airflow. Maximum functionality and movement is at the heart of each floor plan.
Pricing: Starting from $2.26M to $3.39M.


Taking its lead from the Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa, La Storia bursts with lightness, spareness and balance. Technically part of the modernist movement, Scarpa’s style was subtle and subversive, instead of shunning the past he honoured it, transforming buildings with stunning simplicity. Driven by beauty and permanence, La Storia is built of strong materials; marble and concrete.
      The exterior takes on a monolithic presence to reflect the idea of immutability, but it’s in the finely detailed and honed stone that it carries the legacy of Carlos Scarpa and his ethos of the handmade and his warm-blooded mix of the old and the new.


Few suburbs can claim the keen, enthusiastic spirit that Carlton boasts. It is home to a vibrant community that wears its genuine and adopted ancestry on it’s sleeve. As part of the club, you are family, whether celebrating a Eurocup win or Ferrari victory, Carlton is always at the forefront of Melbourne’s biggest plans and decisions. With a revitalised retail district and celebrated hospitality offering, Carlton wants nothing more than to include its family and friends, and to toast the good times. As one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs, being a part of history is a given, how you leave your mark is up to you.


Every day we make connections; to the past, to our friends, our family and our future. We look to create legacies where possible, by honouring our loved ones and providing for our communities. Make no mistake, just as the architecture and design is a series of connections and relationships, so is each and every detail that make up the extraordinary residence of La Storia.