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A reflection on great Italian design, La Storia mixes the ancient and the modern, the strong with the natural. Generous and intimate, this exclusive series of residences are thoroughly modern, using materials with character and substance that are fundamental and solid.


La Storia is an ode to Carlton. It represents the history and journey of a hard-working, inner-city suburb. A place where rich migrant stories have been lived and told, and Melbourne’s café culture was born and thrived, and became part of the city’s DNA. Hence, La Storia is built from strong materials; marble and concrete. The exterior takes on a monolithic presence to reflect the idea of immutability, but it’s in the finely detailed and honed stone that it carries the legacy of Carlo Scarpa and his ethos of the handmade and his warm-blooded mix of the old and the new.
      To its creators, La Storia is a building to be remembered by, to pay homage to Italy and the architects that inspired it. A way to communicate the memories of the past and solidify the future.


Environmentally conscious design has been seamlessly integrated into the building, creating a space that responds to the necessary changes facing the world, while focusing on the future and the importance of good design. Solar panels and energy efficiency are paramount with all appliances adhering to the same goals of high design and low environmental footprint. From choosing to install the finest drying cupboards to working with partners upholding high standards of the green economy. The Marocci Property Group ensure sustainability is at forefront of this development. Afterall, design is more than aesthetics, and good design makes a commitment to quality through social responsibility, sustainable practices and support of the community